A Return to the Joy of Writing

Guys, it’s so awesome to be excited about something I’m writing. So for the last two years or so, the only things I’ve written are things that were to be published. Now, it wasn’t some sort of cash grab or anything. I am insanely proud of Madelyn of the Sky and I think it’s aContinue reading “A Return to the Joy of Writing”

Kickstarter Debrief

This past Thursday morning, our Kickstarter campaign to fund Madelyn of the Sky ended. How did it go? Really, really well. I’m honestly blown away. It was a risk to take this route. We might not have been funded at all. We were fairly certain we could get that much, of course, but whether orContinue reading “Kickstarter Debrief”

To All Things… An Ending!

Write until the story’s done. Then stop. There are plenty of series that have gone on too long. Jumping the Shark is a trope for a reason. When people get greedy or don’t realize they’ve run out of ideas, series end up not just losing quality, but failing in general. My wife and I oftenContinue reading “To All Things… An Ending!”

Nine Months. Nine Novels.

For nine months in a row now, I’ve written a novel a month. For those of you who’ve never attempted to write a novel, well, that’s kind of an insane pace. My first novel took over a decade to write. You can read it now right here if you’d like. I think it’s pretty amazingContinue reading “Nine Months. Nine Novels.”