Writing is like laundry.

Ah, laundry! The never ending cycle! You throw the clothes in the wash… and then the dryer… and then you wear them. (Sometimes you fold them, if you’re civilized.) And then… back in the wash! Yes, the circle of life! And it’s a lot like writing. Well, kind of. See, when you’re preparing a bookContinue reading “Writing is like laundry.”

Something’s Coming…

When do you tell everyone? The first time a publisher signed one of my short stories, I was so excited. I’m pretty sure I told everyone as soon as I had the contract. I probably told legions of people as soon as I had an acceptance, much less a contract. It’s exciting! They were excitedContinue reading “Something’s Coming…”

Dragons of the Ashfall

It wasn’t always a novel. Once it was a short story. One of the first that was published that bore my name. It premiered in Wings of Change. Its title: “A Dragon Bigger than My Stories.” It was about a girl in a clockwork city. She was ground down. She longed for solitude. And thenContinue reading “Dragons of the Ashfall”

Publish or Perish

Publish or perish. When you work in the academic world, thou shalt publish paper after paper to prove that thou art worthy of thine position. It’s not just the academic world, though. When I was younger, I thought Stephen King was slightly insane. Most people I read, like Robert Jordan, produced maybe a novel aContinue reading “Publish or Perish”