Published Works

The easiest way to see what I’ve published is to go to my Amazon author page. Here’s a brief description of everything that I’ve published, along with direct links.


Stories are alive. They will be told. Read The Keeper of Tales.

Free Stories: 

It was a simple bounty hunting job. And then his ship malfunctioned and all the other bounty hunters caught up to him… Fire on a World of Ice, published in Ray Gun Revival, issue 46. Download available at the link.

He remembers the future, but not the past. And it breaks his mother’s heart.  All My Yesterdays Will Come, published in Every Day Fiction

He just got his license for his jetpack, and then his parents ground him. Figures. Grounded, published in Every Day Fiction

All the time travelers wind up in her bar. It’s no big deal. Except for this one customer who could change everything… Tempus Fugit published in the eSpec blog; it’s the third story of the post.

He fell in love with another woman. She fell in love with another man. But they left each other for the same person… The Singularity Loves You at Daily Science Fiction 

The stories promise that if you take care of the land, the land will take care of you. The stories lie. Stories Lie at Tell-Tale Press

How many times would you relive today if it was going to be your last happy day? What price would you pay? My Seventy-Eighth Today at AnotheRealm.

It starts when a coalboy steals a mechano-pteradon. Read Flying Free at Every Day Fiction.

If it’s going to be the last night of the world, you might as well try to enjoy it. Read The Last School Play at Flash in a Flash.

Once he flew through the sky… but no more. Read I Will Never Fly Again at Dreamforge Anvil.

Stories in Anthologies

The goddess awakened. She knew how to wish on stars. Now the sky is empty. Can anyone fight back? No Star to Guide Us in Itty Bitty Writing Space 

Dragons are introverts. And that’s why her dragon is a perfect one. A Dragon Bigger than My Stories in Wings of Change and also reprinted in Mythic #14.

Having to deal with a disgruntled squid is such a pain when the world is about to end. Callahan and the Bomb Squid in Broadswords and Blasters Issue 12 

He’s dancing with a story… but if he keeps dancing, he’ll wind up dead. That’s how it always is when you dance with a story. Stories Dance in A Celebration of Storytelling. (This story was previously printed in the out-of-print book The Spell Books, Volume 3)

She’s crash landed on a dead planet with a possibly-insane passenger. Could be worse, right? The Stories We Leave Behind in A Celebration of Storytelling. (This story was previously printed in the out-of-print book The Starship Logs, Volume 3)

Not all predators want to eat your flesh. Sometimes they want to eat your stories. The Stories You Eat in A Celebration of Storytelling. (This story was previously printed in the out-of-print book The Blood Tomes, Volume 3 )

Who would kill a story that’s already been rejected? It’s up to the Prairie Mason to figure it out, in The Festival of Rejected Stories in A Celebration of Storytelling. (This story was previously printed in the out-of-print book The Case Files, Volume 3)

Humans have captured the fae and enslaved them as living power plants for their geared creations. It’s time for a little rebellion. The Fae-Powered World in Insurgence: A Fae Rebellion.

She looks like she’s sixteen. She claims to own the bar. She says she slipped here from the future. Some people can get real clever in sneaking a drink… or is there something more going on? Coming Back for a Drink in The Trouble with Time Travel.

Why would I attack myself using time travel? This is crazy! Read Beating Myself Up in Worth 1,000 Words.

Darren was too late. The town was dead. He aimed to make it right, though. Read Dowser in a Dead Town, a story of western magic, in a collection of dark fantasy novellas, With Blood and Iron.


Depression is a Death Star. How do you defeat it? Read my article on Yahoo News.