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Madelyn fights with her swords, floating rocks, and a rapier wit to protect those who have no home. Her greatest weapon, though, is her kindness. She battles dragons, magical pirates, and a mirror image of herself as she struggles to find why she has powers no one else has. Along for the ride are her adopted sister, Renity, and an obnoxious boy named Peter who insists that she’s cute. What does he know?

Madelyn of the Sky is a fantasy adventure series perfect for 10-12 year olds!

Read Madelyn of the Sky!

A New World is Beginning… and it Starts with an Orphan.

Orphans never have easy lives, but they’re especially brutal in the ashfall. Londinium, led by the Gear, is an industrial society where the poor and downtrodden are expected to take physical labor to keep the city in working order. It grinds children to nothing in its factories, forcing them to work hard for money just to pay for their board and food. Survival is a daily struggle, especially for grindery girls – orphans who grind coal into useable bricks.

Patty Rinkin is a rare grindery girl, for she has a last name. She prefers to be one of the crowd, but finds herself the leader after a horrific fire disables the lead girl, who’s also her best friend. And one afternoon, Patty finds a dragon’s egg among the dust and filth of the factory. But it seems the arrival of dragons is going to just make everything so much harder.

Patty doesn’t realize she’s been given a gift – a gift that could change the very system in which she is trapped. Will she become part of the Gear’s plans to keep its citizens in mortal danger? Or will she learn the dragons can give everyone the opportunity to fight back against the Gear and all the suffering it causes?

Read Dragons of the Ashfall. (This series is currently out of print.)

The Fallen Lord knows how traditional stories unfold: An unlikely hero will gather a member of every race and every nation to discover his dark secret and cause his defeat. But the Fallen Lord has discovered a new tactic, and has made sure this group can never gather.

And now, Adal, an old, world-weary man and the most unlikely of heroes, must guide those who survive.

But will the stories be satisfied with the company he leads? Has the Fallen Lord at last found a way to conquer the Storied Lands by turning the very tales against them?

Jonathon Mast has woven a tale where stories come alive. Their telling narrates the world around them, giving heroism to the brave or bringing evil to power. Mast brings a distinctive and varied cast along into an unusual quest, led by an aged king who carries his doubts in the folds of his robes. This rich and epic adventure shows us the power of imagination and the influence of true friends, and how the combination enhances our courage and gives us strength.

Stories are alive. They will be told. Read The Keeper of Tales.

Vella Novels:

What happens when what is right and what is honorable clash? Prince Badani longs to become a great man, a man of honor, a man who does right. In the desert sands of Parvia, as he trains under the wise, the cunning, and the warrior, Badani must learn for himself what it means to be a man. But he will need to learn quickly; the Patriarch of Lies is ready to strike.

The Least of Men” serves as a stand-alone tie in story to the novel “The Keeper of Tales.”

Cowboys and carnosaurs. Stetsons and stegosaurs. Deputies and dinosaurs. That’s right, folks. What would make the wild west wilder? Dinosaurs. Follow the Sheriff of Golconda as he deals with raptor gangs, triceratops thieves, and a galloping gallimimus or two. Welcome to a Wilder Wild West. Co-created and co-written with Nathaniel J. Peters. Read Dinos of the Old West.

Doc’s experiment went wild and destroyed his orbiting space station… again. But when he and his assistant Brunt are rescued by a mysterious utopia floating on the edge of space, they know there’s something more going on! Join the adventure as the Doc, passionate for science, and Brunt, his long-suffering assistant, discover the terrible secret of the floating city and topple its nefarious master! Read Doc Passion and the Floating City.

Stories in Anthologies

Miller makes it his business to keep people away from the truly dangerous places of the world, those haunted places. This time he’s gone too deep.

Read “The Hand that Shuts Every Door” in Occult Detective Magazine #8!

We tried contacting them with math and science. They sent back stories.

Read “Numbers Tell No Tales” in SFS Stories Issue #6!

What happens when the Boogieman wins?

Marcus just wants to do a report on the creature that everyone fears. The teacher forbids it, of course.

Marcus doesn’t want to be naughty, but he desperately wants to meet the Fingernail Man.

Read “The Fingernail Man” in Humans are the Problem!

Two stories by Jon appear in this anthology of weird Western tales:

A cowboy comes home to discover the entire town missing. The mayor made a bad bet, and the only way to save everyone is through “A Drink with the Devil.”

A young man on his first cattle drive encounters the uncanny when he meets something that’s “Not Quite a Deer.”

Read Something Wicked This Way Rides!

You can also listen to the Night Terrors Podcast read it for free here!

Visit a world of elemental dark magic and a Western setting…

Darren was too late. The town was dead. He aimed to make it right, though.

Read “Dowser in a Dead Town” in With Bone and Iron!

Read 100 stories of 1000 words or less each in this eclectic collection!

The scientist beat himself up. Literally. It was some sort of time travel thing. But why would he do such a thing?

Read “Beating Myself Up” in Worth 1,000 Words!

A collection about time travel… and the trouble that comes with it.

She looks like she’s sixteen. She claims to own the bar. She says she slipped here from the future. Some people can get real clever in sneaking a drink… or is there something more going on?

Read “Coming Back for a Drink” in The Trouble with Time Travel!

Presenting a collection about fairies that are a little rebellious…

Humans have captured the fae and enslaved them as living power plants for their geared creations. It’s time for a little rebellion.

Read “The Fae-Powered World” in Insurgence!

Four of Jon’s stories appear in a collection of stories about festivals!

He’s dancing with a story… but if he keeps dancing, he’ll wind up dead. That’s how it always is when “Stories Dance.”

She’s crash landed on a dead planet with a possibly-insane passenger. Could be worse, right? Sure. What happens when “The Stories We Leave Behind” begin waking up? 

Not all predators want to eat your flesh. Sometimes they want to eat your stories. Be careful of “The Stories You Eat.”  

Who would kill a story that’s already been rejected? It’s up to the Prairie Mason to figure it out, in “The Festival of Rejected Stories.”

Read A Celebration of Storytelling!

Classic pulp content from modern writers!

Having to deal with a disgruntled squid is such a pain when the world is about to end. It’s got to be done, though, in “Callahan and the Bomb Squid.”

Check out Broadswords and Blasters Issue 12!

Dragons and Young Adult stories collide in this thrilling collection!

Dragons are introverts. And that’s why her dragon is a perfect one. “A Dragon Bigger than My Stories” also serves as a prequel for the upcoming novel Dragons of the Ashfall.

Read Wings of Change!

This story is also reprinted in Mythic #14.

100 Stories by 100 Authors, each 1000 words or less!

The goddess awakened. She knew how to wish on stars. Now the sky is empty. Can anyone fight back? Not when there’s “No Star to Guide Us.”

Read Itty Bitty Writing Space!

Free Stories:

Every student at Jayden M. Martinez Middle School is happy. Not one has depression. Not one! That’s a good thing… right? Read “The Happy Students of Jayden M. Martinez Middle School” at Abyss & Apex!

What happens to the fae when the sun itself burns out? Read “Changeling World” at Eternal Haunted Summer!

Something’s wrong with the baby. Well, really, something’s wrong with the port they use to hook the baby to the machine every night… Read “Miles to Go Before I Sleep” at the Arcanist, or listen to it on Spotify.

She was set out as a sacrifice for her village. Does she have the right story to keep her life from the dragons? Read Troublemaker, Storyteller at Mythaxis.

Once I flew through the sky… but no more. Read I Will Never Fly Again at Dreamforge Anvil.

(This story made the Tangent Online 2021 Recommended Reading List!)

If it’s going to be the last night of the world, you might as well try to enjoy it. Read The Last School Play at Flash in a Flash.

It starts when a coalboy steals a mechano-pteradon. Read Flying Free at Every Day Fiction.

How many times would you relive today if it was going to be your last happy day? What price would you pay? My Seventy-Eighth Today at AnotheRealm.

The stories promise that if you take care of the land, the land will take care of you. The stories lie. Stories Lie at Tell-Tale Press. This story is also reprinted at the Dark Owl Publishing website, where it serves as a prequel for The Keeper of Tales.

He fell in love with another woman. She fell in love with another man. But they left each other for the same person… The Singularity Loves You at Daily Science Fiction 

All the time travelers wind up in her bar. It’s no big deal. Except for this one customer who could change everything… Tempus Fugit published in the eSpec blog; it’s the third story of the post.

He just got his license for his jetpack, and then his parents ground him. Figures. Grounded, published in Every Day Fiction

He remembers the future, but not the past. And it breaks his mother’s heart.  All My Yesterdays Will Come, published in Every Day Fiction

It was a simple bounty hunting job. And then his ship malfunctioned and all the other bounty hunters caught up to him… Fire on a World of Ice, published in Ray Gun Revival, issue 46. Download available at the link.


Depression is a Death Star. How do you defeat it? Read my article on Yahoo News.

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