Jason J. McCuiston: The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Jason McCuiston writes stories that will keep you up until tomorrow you will hate today you. But that’s too bad. You need to finish the story. His initials are also pretty nifty.

I’ve gotten to know him a little bit, and he’s a pretty cool guy. We’re into some of the same stuff — writing, fantasy, science fiction, comics — and oddly enough he lives in a city the same name of my city, though in a different state!

On March 1, his next book, The Last Star Warden, Volume 1 will be released from Dark Owl Publishing. Jason was kind enough to answer some questions!

If I were to meet you on the street, would I immediately say, “Now there’s a guy who looks like a deranged writer”?

Deranged, certainly. As for writer, possibly as you are also one. We can sense our own kind, but the vast majority of folks would think I’m simply an aging nerd or jock stuck forever in the fashion of the 1990s.

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A Celebration of Storytelling

Dance with a story.

Crash-land on a desolate planet with a madman.

Beware people at country fairs asking for your story.

Investigate the murder of a story.

This is the gathering. This is the celebration of stories.

Today is the first day you can preorder the ebook of A Celebration of Storytelling, an anthology of stories about celebrations. The book will also be available in physical form. If you want to read my writing, this is a great way to do it — I have four stories in it!

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(All four of these stories were previously available in other anthologies that had limited print runs and are now out of print.)

Review: Company A

Company A
by H. K. Devonshire

Devonshire’s already famous on Mars, and with reason. His historical fiction about the Martian rangers provide fast-paced novels that keep the attention in marvelous ways, and I’m glad they’re finally being made in Terran editions.

In Company A, Devonshire introduces us to the first Martian rangers, led by Greg Farer, an Arizona Ranger transferred to start the new law branch on the red planet. Danger finds him at every turn, as it appears someone wants to make sure that the law doesn’t get a firm hold on Mars. There’s plenty of action in just about every chapter, twists and turns, and plenty of death.

If you’re looking for more in the realm of Terran authors like L’Amour, or you loved Firefly with the mix of Western and Science Fiction, this is a book for you. It reads fast and quick, and it’ll keep you entertained for an evening or two. I’m looking forward to more in this series and seeing the Martian Rangers begin cleaning up the Martian frontier!

On the writing side, if you want to learn how to plot a fast story and introduce readers to a well-lived in world, you could do well to read this book. Devonshire really does set up his world well, and even if you’re not familiar with Martian tech or history, you’ll have everything you need here. The background doesn’t get in the way of the story, but only enhances it, while setting up future storylines for the next books. Check it out!

The Martian Author

Come one, come all! I have a chronicle here that will be beyond your wildest dreams! Well, maybe not beyond yours, kid. You look like you have some pretty fierce imaginings. But for MOST people, it will be beyond your wildest dreams!

You see, I collect authors. Well, not their bodies. Normally. You have to pay extra to see those. But I love collecting the odd book that’s not well-known or perhaps the author is unique.

And in a recent author-hunting expedition, I found myself on the Red Planet itself!

Kid, you already paid for your ticket. You can’t have it back.

I encountered the famous H. K. Devonshire! Who, you may ask? Well, why not have him tell you himself! He consented to an interview once I freed him from my devious trap. Devious? Did I say devious? I meant we sat down to coffee. Really. Continue reading “The Martian Author”