Reading Hurts

Sometimes reading a book will hurt. Sure, sometimes it’s because the author has done a fantastic job crafting characters that go through trials. You’ll read the people there and ache when their lives fall apart. That’s good writing. And sometimes… sometimes reading a book will hurt because you can tell the author doesn’t know whatContinue reading “Reading Hurts”

Making Magic of Potatoes

Sometimes you write magic. And sometimes you write… a potato. Potatoes aren’t all that entertaining. They sit on the table, blinking their freaky eyes at you. Sometimes they sprout. That’s… fantastic. But they’re not going to go on adventures. Potatoes just sit there. But that’s why you need a good editor. I’m convinced that MadelynContinue reading “Making Magic of Potatoes”

I’m Gonna Need More Cookies

Writing by itself takes little to no money. If you’ve got a laptop or a notepad or a blank wall, you can write. Being an author, however, can accrue many expenses, especially if you’re attempting to self-publish. Some of the bigger costs can involve getting covers, purchasing ISBN’s, marketing, and formatting so the book looksContinue reading “I’m Gonna Need More Cookies”

It’s Not Done Yet

It took eight days. Eighteen hours, fifteen minutes of writing time. It’s just over 42,000 words long. But the rough draft is done. The rough draft of what? Well, we can get to that in about a year, maybe. But this is the important part: the act of raw creation is complete. Now comes theContinue reading “It’s Not Done Yet”