We don’t need those fifty pages!

We encamped that night at Garion Danwsbrook. And so began the saga that would become The Keeper of Tales. I mentioned a few weeks ago that what I first wrote evolved quite a bit through revisions. In fact, the first fifty pages are simply gone in what you’ll have the opportunity to read starting MarchContinue reading “We don’t need those fifty pages!”

My plot and my story are fighting…

My plot and my story aren’t talking, and that’s a problem. Maybe that sentence seems strange to you. Aren’t plot and story basically the same thing? Nah. Here’s a video that explains: It’s a brilliant video about one of the best movies of all time. I really suggest you watch it. But in case youContinue reading “My plot and my story are fighting…”

She’s Looking for Something Special

So she walks into my store, kinda timid like, but pokes her way up to the counter. “Can I help you, miss?” I ask, tapping my ash into the shattered husk of one of my wares. “I’m looking for a few worlds I can connect together. I’m hoping to publish a collection of stories aboutContinue reading “She’s Looking for Something Special”