No More Heroes

What happened to heroes? Robin Hood fights Prince John. He robs from the rich and gives to the poor. All that ends when the proper ruler, King Richard, returns. Now that leadership is in the right hands, all will be well. Dragnet. The good guys are the cops, right? Batman before, say, 1970. He workedContinue reading “No More Heroes”

Less Waiting. More Reading.

I can’t write fast enough. First off, there are way too many good ideas for stories floating out there. I keep bumping into them. They ask, “Good sir, would you please commit me to paper so I may not fade into the formless aether?” And I must answer, “Alas, promising jumble of concepts and characters,Continue reading “Less Waiting. More Reading.”

Dawnsbrook is Here

Be bold. Be daring. Be fierce. Be kind. Be true. Change your world. Dawnsbrook Press publishes books full of adventure, wonder, and characters who change their world for the better. Our books seek to inspire middle-grade readers to dream big and do more. And while the books are aimed at middle-grade readers, we know howContinue reading “Dawnsbrook is Here”

All the Pretty Shelves, All the Pretty Books

Last week I used a picture of some shelves. A commenter asked if they were my shelves. Alas, it was a stockphoto. But it made me realize… maybe I should share my shelves! So here I am. Sharing my shelves. These shelves form our primary adult library. Pay no attention to that Shel Silverstein. Anyway,Continue reading “All the Pretty Shelves, All the Pretty Books”