Bite-Size Worlds

We all want a new earth. That’s why we read fiction, after all: We want to experience something that isn’t the earth we live in here. We want different relationships or different cultures or just the joy of discovering something that isn’t here.

I have a really cool way of visiting lots of different worlds very quickly, though. It’s something that maybe you’ve done in the past or do now.

See, I love reading novels. The problem is, I’m not a very fast reader. Especially if I’m reading a novel aimed at adults, it takes me forever to get through it. And even if the writing is great, sometimes I’ll lose interest – I just want to get to a different world.

So… I read comics. Continue reading “Bite-Size Worlds”

Choose… Wisely.

My Bride is a dangerous woman.

Every year, she picks a theme for how she’s going to select the books she’s going to read. One year, she asked friends for recommendations and only read things they recommended. Last year, she only read books we already owned but neither of us had read before.

Last year, I tried to pick a theme – let’s read only pocket paperback-sized books! – and I got about half the year before I read some mass market paperbacks… I don’t know if I’m made for year-long themes.

But this year, she’s still using a theme. This time her theme is terrifying: She’s having me pick every book she reads.

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The Library Adoption Agency

Today we bought 150 books.

We’re not keeping any.

A few years ago, a friend became a new teacher at a school that didn’t have any books in the classroom library. We adopted the classroom and ended up donating something like 300 books. From there, we adopted an entire school library, and then a special library for at-risk students, and now we’ve just adopted our fourth library.

So that meant… it was off to the Half-Price Books Warehouse Sale!

After church this morning, a friend and her daughter came over to watch our insanity of children. (A group of children is called an insanity. Trust me.) And off my Bride I went… to the sale! Continue reading “The Library Adoption Agency”

A Year of Books 2019 — Ships of Sea and Sky

I like boats.

Maybe it was the heavy-handed Star Trek novels I read when I was young that constantly talked about the love between a captain and his ship, but… give me a starship or a tall-masted man o’ war, and I’m hooked. And I read some of those books this year!

In today’s list, I’ve gathered up any book related to Star Trek along with other books I read that involved boats of one kind or another!

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