It’s got a maaaaaaaaaaaaap…

When you enter the guestroom in our house, you will see three things:

  1. A bed
  2. Shelves of books
  3. Maps

The bed is so you can, in theory, sleep. You can also read there. I’ve known one guest who watched some movies there. Basically, it’s a comfy area to be comfortable on.

The shelves of books are for comfort, too. There’s nothing quite so relaxing for me as being surrounded by all my friends. I’ve seen enough memes to know that I’m not alone in that. To gaze upon worlds bound in ink and paper is an amazing thing.

But the maps…?

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A Celebration of Storytelling

Dance with a story.

Crash-land on a desolate planet with a madman.

Beware people at country fairs asking for your story.

Investigate the murder of a story.

This is the gathering. This is the celebration of stories.

Today is the first day you can preorder the ebook of A Celebration of Storytelling, an anthology of stories about celebrations. The book will also be available in physical form. If you want to read my writing, this is a great way to do it — I have four stories in it!

Click the link for more info!

(All four of these stories were previously available in other anthologies that had limited print runs and are now out of print.)

Stories Dance

Ever dance with a story?

She smiled at me. “I’m so glad I met you tonight.” It’s what you’re supposed to say in an evening like this.

I’m glad I met you,” I answered, because that’s how you’re supposed to answer.

She looked distant then. “You should probably go soon. I don’t want to die.”

“Stories Dance” will appear in The Spell Books, a collection of fantasy stories about festivals. The book will be released June 1st. I’ll share more info as it becomes available, but in the meantime… enjoy the cover!

The Spell Books Vol 3 Nabu Carnevale Front CoverThe Spell Books Vol 3 Nabu Carnevale Back Cover