It Takes More than Writing to be a Good Author

I’d like to just write. Ideally, I’d type up masterpiece after masterpiece, and once each was done, I’d send them off to a magical publisher who’d pay me a slightly-better-than living wage. This fantastical publisher would never bother me for blog tours or interviews. I wouldn’t need to worry about marketing of any kind. I’dContinue reading “It Takes More than Writing to be a Good Author”

Faster than George R. R. Martin

I’m not George R. R. Martin. I know, it’s a shock. If you see me in real life, you might be excused for mistaking me for the author of Game of Thrones. We’re both somewhat rotund. We can both be jovial. He’s got more hair than I do, but we both wear glasses. But apparentlyContinue reading “Faster than George R. R. Martin”

The Ego Shelf Grows

Sometimes I just need to stare at it. It doesn’t feel real, you know? But it is. Look at it. That’s my ego shelf. I didn’t come up with that title. I don’t remember where I first saw it, so don’t give me any credit. I’m not taking it! An ego shelf is the placeContinue reading “The Ego Shelf Grows”

Because I Needed More to Do

Clearly something is wrong with me. Well, honestly, there’s a lot of things wrong with me. Right now I’m thinking of one thing in particular, though: I’m thinking of starting a YouTube channel. Why would I do such a thing?! I’ve got enough going on as it is. I don’t need to add more toContinue reading “Because I Needed More to Do”