The Dragons are Gone

It’s gone. You can’t get it anymore. It’s unavailable. Dragons of the Ashfall was the first book of the War of Leaves and Scales. The series is a YA steampunk fantasy epic featuring different young women struggling in a terrible society with an invisible dark influence. Book one came out last December, and book two,Continue reading “The Dragons are Gone”

Every Writer Needs Resources

You bled out your fingertips as you wove your masterpiece, and now it’s done. You’ve got your manuscript complete. Now what? I was mystified a few years ago. What do you do? I mean, isn’t it as simple as 1. Write 2. [unknown process] 3. Profit! ? Yeah… not so much. But thankfully, some friendsContinue reading “Every Writer Needs Resources”

I Don’t Care About Commas

My editor/wife yelled at me. A lot. She yelled mostly about commas. “Should this comma be here? It feels right, but is it right? The Chicago Manual of Style doesn’t help!” And then she tore my arm off my body and beat with it, using the flying splashes of blood to form a summoning circleContinue reading “I Don’t Care About Commas”

Zero to Full-Time Writer in 17 Days

…or maybe a few more days. “Sorry. I can’t come to work today. I need to write.” Yeah, um, that doesn’t work. Well, I suppose it could work, as long as I didn’t need little things like food or a heater in the winter. Also as long as my family didn’t need those things, either.Continue reading “Zero to Full-Time Writer in 17 Days”

Glamorous Work

Sometimes the life of an author is glamorous. People trying to get selfies with you. Demanding autographs. Movie studios calling with multi-million dollar deals. All of which I’ve experienced day-in and day-out for years now. Some of that might be exaggeration. Ah, but not everything is always so glamorous. Thursday morning my wife and IContinue reading “Glamorous Work”