Before the Plunge

The Cade and the Last Starship Kickstarter campaign launches Tuesday. It’s gonna be awesome. We’ll fund within 48 hours easily, and then we’re going to just rip through the stretch goals we’ve got planned. I’m really excited about some of them. Three of the main characters play a ttrpg, and I’m looking forward to beingContinue reading “Before the Plunge”

Prepping for Writing Disasters

Disaster struck him again and again. I just finished watching a presentation given by Kevin J. Anderson. He’s a huge author. If you’re into speculative fiction, you’ve likely at least run across some of his books. He did scads of Star Wars, Dune, various comics, and original novels. In fact, he’s written well over 100Continue reading “Prepping for Writing Disasters”

Surviving Daybreak

You want to write? Read. But don’t just read. Think about what you’re reading. What works? What doesn’t? What connects with you, personally? What plot points annoy you, and what others thrill you? Does the plot work? What about the setting intrigues you? What characters do you want to spend more time with? Taking timeContinue reading “Surviving Daybreak”

I don’t want to be an author anymore.

When I was young, I wanted to write books. I wanted to be an author. The word was almost magical. Imagine, someday having a book with my name on it. Oh, that would be a dream come true! And I gotta tell you… it is. I currently have five novels on the market, and plentyContinue reading “I don’t want to be an author anymore.”