Time to Write More

I’m not writing enough. Well, that’s not entirely true, I suppose, depending your point of view. After all, I’ve been averaging about a novel a month for almost a year. I’m a little behind for the novel I planned to draft in May, but I’m still on track to finish it before June appears likeContinue reading “Time to Write More”

Nine Months. Nine Novels.

For nine months in a row now, I’ve written a novel a month. For those of you who’ve never attempted to write a novel, well, that’s kind of an insane pace. My first novel took over a decade to write. You can read it now right here if you’d like. I think it’s pretty amazingContinue reading “Nine Months. Nine Novels.”

It Takes More than One

For me, some of the easiest and funnest times to write is when I release two characters to interact on the page. Madelyn is unsure of herself, cocky to others, and has real talent with her blade. She needs someone who can play off those abilities. Thus, we have Renity, Madelyn’s older sister, one ofContinue reading “It Takes More than One”