Cade and the Last Starship: Now Live!

We… are… LIVE! The last of humanity lives on the Ark, soaring through space to their new home. Cade lives to explore… but there’s not much on the Ark left to explore. Until he discovers a dangerous secret that may threaten all that’s left of humanity… Click the link to find out more and backContinue reading “Cade and the Last Starship: Now Live!”

Cade and the Last Starship

Want to know more? Click here and then click, “Notify Me on Launch!” The campaign starts May 2nd! Even if you don’t plan on backing the project, you clicking “Notify Me on Launch” helps is so much! And watch this space… we’ll be sharing more soon, including character concepts, covers, and… well, just wait andContinue reading “Cade and the Last Starship”

Fire and Frostburn

TODAY book 3 of Madelyn of the Sky is available! Check out Fire and Frostburn! What could be worse than a dragon? Madelyn has always greeted her adventures with sword, stone, and smile. This time is different, though. She doesn’t need to fight Prince Aralane. She needs to impress him. His kingdom borders her floatingContinue reading “Fire and Frostburn”