Writing is like laundry.

Ah, laundry! The never ending cycle! You throw the clothes in the wash… and then the dryer… and then you wear them. (Sometimes you fold them, if you’re civilized.) And then… back in the wash! Yes, the circle of life! And it’s a lot like writing. Well, kind of. See, when you’re preparing a bookContinue reading “Writing is like laundry.”

Something’s Coming…

When do you tell everyone? The first time a publisher signed one of my short stories, I was so excited. I’m pretty sure I told everyone as soon as I had the contract. I probably told legions of people as soon as I had an acceptance, much less a contract. It’s exciting! They were excitedContinue reading “Something’s Coming…”

Forging Ahead into the New Year

2021 is almost at its end… and it’s been a heck of a year. I’d say it was the sequel to 2020 in a lot of ways, for better and for worse. But when a year draws to a close, it’s time to review the last twelve months and set some goals for the nextContinue reading “Forging Ahead into the New Year”

Don’t be cruel.

Last week I said that authors can’t be kind. In case you missed it, let me spell it out to you as clearly as I can: Authors cannot be kind to their characters. Authors, please be kind to anyone who is not your character. Okay. Just wanted to get that out of the way. IContinue reading “Don’t be cruel.”

Don’t be kind.

You must not be kind. If you wish to write, if you wish your characters to have dramatic stories, if they must overcome, you must not be kind to them. Authors must be cruel, calculating beasts that tear down their main characters. Leave them sobbing on the ground. Make them beg for mercy. And then…Continue reading “Don’t be kind.”