Glamorous Work

Sometimes the life of an author is glamorous. People trying to get selfies with you. Demanding autographs. Movie studios calling with multi-million dollar deals. All of which I’ve experienced day-in and day-out for years now. Some of that might be exaggeration. Ah, but not everything is always so glamorous. Thursday morning my wife and IContinue reading “Glamorous Work”

Why It’s Good to Read, but Necessary to Write

The last month has been all over. I attended a major conference, learning the history of Jerusalem that will help my role as a pastor. I visited both my and my wife’s families. My bride and I got away without our insanity of kids. As such, my regular writing schedule has suffered. As in, I’veContinue reading “Why It’s Good to Read, but Necessary to Write”

The Cull

I can’t do it. We have too many books in our household. OK, yes, I know that’s technically impossible. It’s not “too many books,” it’s “not enough shelves.” Except we have two rooms dedicated to nothing but shelves of books, along with several other shelves in each bedroom, the basement, and the living room. We’veContinue reading “The Cull”

Daring to Read a Bestseller…

I’ve rarely been accused of being normal. That shows up in my book choices. If you want to guarantee I won’t read something, tell me it’s a New York Times bestseller. I don’t know why. The book might be awesome, but the second I hear that it’s a bestseller on one of those big lists,Continue reading “Daring to Read a Bestseller…”