Muscles Atrophy

Do you want to write faster? Write more. Writing is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger you’ll be. You’ll be able to write faster for longer. You know the problem with muscles, though? They atrophy, too. I mentioned a few weeks back that my daughter slaughtered a series I’d already outlined. That’sContinue reading “Muscles Atrophy”

Scrapping a Whole Book Series

This time it’s my daughter’s fault. I had the whole six-book series mapped out. It needed work, but the bones were solid. No problem. I had the full concept, ready to go. And then my older daughter wanted to go to the mall to look for ideas for cosplay. No problem. I took her. AndContinue reading “Scrapping a Whole Book Series”

Well, that didn’t last long…

Every month, I said. Every month I’d draft a piece of fiction. That’s what I pledged to do in 2023. Well, January’s about done. … Sigh. So, I had two projects to complete for writing this month. I was going to outline the next six-book series.(No, no spoilers yet!) I’ve… kind of done that. ItContinue reading “Well, that didn’t last long…”

Your Feelings Don’t Matter

Should you only write when you feel like it? Should you await your muse to bring you inspiration from on high? Should you grind every day and force words out of the stone of your heart until you bleed ink? Um… no. Also, if your heart bleeds ink, you should probably get that checked out.Continue reading “Your Feelings Don’t Matter”

Introvert: Broken

The con broke me. So last week I helped my friend and author extraordinaire Lydia Sherrer table at the Cincinnati Comic Expo. She continues to be insanely gracious in teaching and allowing me to learn at her feet. Next year I’m hoping to table myself with Madelyn of the Sky. But now it’s time forContinue reading “Introvert: Broken”