Attending Cons for Fun and Profit

Time to start a new adventure. This weekend I’m attending a con. I’ll be there among the cosplayers and conventioneers, finding my way among the tables, hunting for books and writers and artists I want to support. The con will challenge me. I’m an introvert, and large groups of people rarely appeal to me. TheyContinue reading “Attending Cons for Fun and Profit”

It Takes More than Writing to be a Good Author

I’d like to just write. Ideally, I’d type up masterpiece after masterpiece, and once each was done, I’d send them off to a magical publisher who’d pay me a slightly-better-than living wage. This fantastical publisher would never bother me for blog tours or interviews. I wouldn’t need to worry about marketing of any kind. I’dContinue reading “It Takes More than Writing to be a Good Author”

Faster than George R. R. Martin

I’m not George R. R. Martin. I know, it’s a shock. If you see me in real life, you might be excused for mistaking me for the author of Game of Thrones. We’re both somewhat rotund. We can both be jovial. He’s got more hair than I do, but we both wear glasses. But apparentlyContinue reading “Faster than George R. R. Martin”

Depression Doesn’t Make Art

All the great artists were messed up. Picasso fell into a huge depression, and look at what he produced. Just imagine, if he had medication, how much art we would have missed out on. … Okay, if someone says that to you, deck them. Maybe not deck them. At least not physically. But tell them:Continue reading “Depression Doesn’t Make Art”