Every Month is NaNoWriMo

It’s not special anymore. Poo. November is National Novel Writing Month. Writers of various stripes attempt to write an entire novel in thirty measly days. It’s kind of a big deal. I have teacher friends who focus the entire month in their classrooms on getting their students writing. There are accountability groups online. Everyone wasContinue reading “Every Month is NaNoWriMo”

A Year of Books 2022

It’s that time again! Every year I do pellet reviews of the books I’ve read over the course of a year. My year runs roughly July 4 to July 4 for reading purposes, so… yep! How did the year go? First, I read far less than I typically do. That’s mostly because of the hugeContinue reading “A Year of Books 2022”

No More Heroes

What happened to heroes? Robin Hood fights Prince John. He robs from the rich and gives to the poor. All that ends when the proper ruler, King Richard, returns. Now that leadership is in the right hands, all will be well. Dragnet. The good guys are the cops, right? Batman before, say, 1970. He workedContinue reading “No More Heroes”