Introvert: Broken

The con broke me. So last week I helped my friend and author extraordinaire Lydia Sherrer table at the Cincinnati Comic Expo. She continues to be insanely gracious in teaching and allowing me to learn at her feet. Next year I’m hoping to table myself with Madelyn of the Sky. But now it’s time forContinue reading “Introvert: Broken”

Depression Doesn’t Help

It started out so well. Book six. I knew the characters. I knew the situation. I had the conclusion outlined. On the first day of drafting, I wrote nearly six thousand words. I decided I would aim to write five thousand words a day. I kept to that goal for five days straight. That meansContinue reading “Depression Doesn’t Help”

It’s Not a Secret

Don’t tell them. They’re competition. If you help them, if you tell them how to do better, if you share information, you’re only hurting yourself. You know what you do? Talk badly about them. Make sure everyone knows you’re better. After all, if they spend their dollars on your competition, that’s less dollars they’ll spendContinue reading “It’s Not a Secret”

How to Use Your Business Skills to Improve Your Personal Life

Today we have a guest-post by Stephanie Haywood of I’ve written in the past about how writing is a business — or at least, if you want to get paid, it’s a business! Those business skills also help your personal life, though! Without further ado, here’s Stephanie! Task management is a critical skill forContinue reading “How to Use Your Business Skills to Improve Your Personal Life”