It’s got a maaaaaaaaaaaaap…

When you enter the guestroom in our house, you will see three things: A bed Shelves of books Maps The bed is so you can, in theory, sleep. You can also read there. I’ve known one guest who watched some movies there. Basically, it’s a comfy area to be comfortable on. The shelves of booksContinue reading “It’s got a maaaaaaaaaaaaap…”

A Celebration of Storytelling

Dance with a story. Crash-land on a desolate planet with a madman. Beware people at country fairs asking for your story. Investigate the murder of a story. This is the gathering. This is the celebration of stories. Today is the first day you can preorder the ebook of A Celebration of Storytelling, an anthology ofContinue reading “A Celebration of Storytelling”

Stories Dance

Ever dance with a story? She smiled at me. “I’m so glad I met you tonight.” It’s what you’re supposed to say in an evening like this. “I’m glad I met you,” I answered, because that’s how you’re supposed to answer. She looked distant then. “You should probably go soon. I don’t want to die.”Continue reading “Stories Dance”