It Takes More than Writing to be a Good Author

I’d like to just write. Ideally, I’d type up masterpiece after masterpiece, and once each was done, I’d send them off to a magical publisher who’d pay me a slightly-better-than living wage. This fantastical publisher would never bother me for blog tours or interviews. I wouldn’t need to worry about marketing of any kind. I’dContinue reading “It Takes More than Writing to be a Good Author”

Grammar and the Good Writer

Do you need to know grammar to be a good writer? No. Not really. But you do need to know it. My mother-in-law is visiting. Among other things, she teaches English. She was talking about some of the grammatical things she was teaching students this year, listing off a bunch of terms. It was enoughContinue reading “Grammar and the Good Writer”

Reading to Write

If you’re gonna write, you’re gonna have to read. There are a lot of things to read. You want to absorb your own genre. You’ll likely be best at writing things that you enjoy reading, so get reading. Thankfully for me that involves reading a lot of fantasy and science fiction. I can handle that!Continue reading “Reading to Write”

Stay in Your Lane

There’s a bit of conventional wisdom I’ve ignored that may bite me. Yesterday, one of my new short stories debuted, “Miles to Go Before I Sleep.” You can go read it for free. You’ll find it a quiet science fiction story. I’ve got a few of those out, like “The Singularity Loves You.” It’s notContinue reading “Stay in Your Lane”

Why I Belong in the Museum of Failure

I’m a failure. “But Jon, you’ve come so far!” you say. Sure. Check out my works published tab. I’ve got one novel out, one on the way in December. Lots of short stories in various places, and more coming out. “How could you say you’re a failure?” Easy. Do you have any idea how manyContinue reading “Why I Belong in the Museum of Failure”