Copper Prawn!

I’m a copper prawn! All right. Here. Let this chart explain it: What does this mean? Basically, it means that I’m working hard. I’m a pastor, and we’re in Lent, the lead-up to Easter. My ministry load is literally double the normal amount. However, I’m pushing out an average of 2000 words a day. SomeContinue reading “Copper Prawn!”

Boundaries for Writers and Their Families

“Do you need to leave the room to get writing done?” my wife asks, concerned. We’re currently sitting in a hotel room. Three of the kids are on their laptops at school meets. The baby is staring at my wife’s phone so she doesn’t disturb the others at school. I’m trying to get a littleContinue reading “Boundaries for Writers and Their Families”

Rejections and Submissions

Woo! I’m an author! Like, look at my Published Works page. I have allthestories there! So far ten published works, and more on the way! My first novel is at an editor to make the whole thing better, and then it’s off to a publisher – doesn’t mean the publisher’s going to, you know, publishContinue reading “Rejections and Submissions”

Shotgun Writer

A friend and I chatted about writing. This friend of mine is amazing. He’s going for a doctorate while working full-time as a minister and serving his wife and kids. He’s also a writer. I asked how his writing was going. This is something the two of us do on occasion to encourage or commiserate.Continue reading “Shotgun Writer”

This is what I am now.

I’m beat. I’ve been beat all day. The day previous to my writing this, I was in the hospital. Lung infection. It was grand, let me tell you. Today I knew I wouldn’t get much done. And it’s true; I haven’t. In my “day job” I’m a minister. It’s still where I spend most ofContinue reading “This is what I am now.”