Write Again

Sometimes the goal of a writer isn’t writing; sometimes the goal is surviving.

I was hoping that today’s post would be, “The Terrible Burden of Doing Nothing.” After literal weeks of no recharging time for this introvert, I had set aside Friday as a chance to form a little cocoon. It’d be an opportunity to read for fun or write. The only thing I had set to do today was a load of dishes and play with the kids.

Step one of that process was, of course, sleeping in. The kids didn’t have school, and I had no ministry appointments, so there was no reason I had to get up early.

For some reason, I couldn’t fall asleep until past one they night before. And then my baby daughter decided to start her screaming at 5:30. And then the tornado warning at 7:30 kinda had to get me out of bed.

Did you know that contrary to popular belief, sleep exhaustion doesn’t aid creativity? It’s true that it can cut down on inhibitions depending who you are, but writing down that stream of consciousness, at least for me, isn’t always gold fiction. Or, you know, ever. Continue reading “Write Again”

Blood, Sweat, and Ink

Guys, writing is hard.

Like, I have to put in effort and stuff. The words don’t just show up on the screen. People don’t praise me for my genius like they should. And I have to, like, actually be consistent in what I write? It’s such a drag! I think I’ll just go watch more Youtube videos on how to be a better writer instead of actually writing…

OK, maybe I got a little whiny there.

A little.

Just a titch.

Something that’s so easy to forget, though: Writing is work. And work is difficult. You don’t always feel like going to work, do you? You don’t always want to put in effort. Continue reading “Blood, Sweat, and Ink”