A Year of Books 2021: Unobjective Assessments

This next set of books is difficult for me to judge. See, I’ve got connections to them. Sometimes the author is a friend. That means I want to support the book no matter what. The positive is, my friends are awesome writers! But it’s also hard to be objective. Some of these I backed onContinue reading “A Year of Books 2021: Unobjective Assessments”

Year of Books 2020: The Best

Every year from July 4 to July 3, I set aside anything I read so I can gaze upon the shelf of things I’ve read. And every year I do a little write-up on what I’ve read. Today, I’m presenting pellet reviews of my favorites. I’ve broken down two different top lists. First are theContinue reading “Year of Books 2020: The Best”

A Year of Books 2019 — The Best of the Year

The time has come. Every year about this time, my Bride and I assess.. the BOOKSHELF OF DOOM! Actually, it’s not very doom-y. It’s this bookshelf that sits next to our bed. The goal every year is to fill it with what we read. Finish a book? It goes on the shelf! (Other than myContinue reading “A Year of Books 2019 — The Best of the Year”

Creating Worlds (using as few words as possible)

Come meet a woman so audacious she became an author! Come, marvel at her combinations of sounds and syllables so symphonic they supply simply sumptuous stories! This is wicked Wendy Nikel, the wizard of words who creates worlds out of imagination and yarn! She’s produced two novels (one of which I discuss here), and youContinue reading “Creating Worlds (using as few words as possible)”

A Tour of Worlds 2018: Worlds Crafted by Friends

Ah, my festive friends! Yes, yes, my account of the tour of the cosmos from this past year is nearly complete! But I flew some friendly skies and visited worlds crafted by friends, and I wanted to spotlight them a little more than I have some others. You see, when you know the craftsman orContinue reading “A Tour of Worlds 2018: Worlds Crafted by Friends”