Year of Books 2020: The Best

Every year from July 4 to July 3, I set aside anything I read so I can gaze upon the shelf of things I’ve read. And every year I do a little write-up on what I’ve read. Today, I’m presenting pellet reviews of my favorites. I’ve broken down two different top lists. First are the favorite prose things I’ve read, and then I’ll present my favorite graphic novels of the last year.

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Post-Con Report

I may have geeked out a little.

So I went to a con for the first time last week. I went Sunday, figuring it was the day with the least amount of people and the best deals, as I did want to walk away with some swag. I took my youngest son, because he got in free and I figured I could use him as an excuse to get out of anything that made me uncomfortable, and vice versa. We’d make a good team.

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