How to Use Your Business Skills to Improve Your Personal Life

Today we have a guest-post by Stephanie Haywood of I’ve written in the past about how writing is a business — or at least, if you want to get paid, it’s a business! Those business skills also help your personal life, though! Without further ado, here’s Stephanie! Task management is a critical skill forContinue reading “How to Use Your Business Skills to Improve Your Personal Life”

Creating Worlds (using as few words as possible)

Come meet a woman so audacious she became an author! Come, marvel at her combinations of sounds and syllables so symphonic they supply simply sumptuous stories! This is wicked Wendy Nikel, the wizard of words who creates worlds out of imagination and yarn! She’s produced two novels (one of which I discuss here), and youContinue reading “Creating Worlds (using as few words as possible)”

Good Samaritan

Ah, no tours today! Well, no talking about tours. Instead, why not visit another world with me? Yes, actually leave the confines of the Midway and soar to another place! Dare you? Dare you come with me? Ah, but this world is not my own! This is part of a larger world, termed “Bible A.D.”Continue reading “Good Samaritan”

One Earth: Slightly Used

Course you’re not the only one buying worlds! Why, plenty of fancy, big-name people buy worlds! We’re all looking for a new one, after all! Why, look here, it’s the incorrigible Anne Clare, the Neat-O Naptime Author. Yes, kid. Neat-O. Get away from me, kid. You bother me. Well, enough from me. Read the wordsContinue reading “One Earth: Slightly Used”