Year of Books 2020: The Best

Every year from July 4 to July 3, I set aside anything I read so I can gaze upon the shelf of things I’ve read. And every year I do a little write-up on what I’ve read. Today, I’m presenting pellet reviews of my favorites. I’ve broken down two different top lists. First are the favorite prose things I’ve read, and then I’ll present my favorite graphic novels of the last year.

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A Tour of Worlds 2018 — Younger Worlds

Worlds for every purpose and audience! Earths designed to entice and entrance any eye! And here, as I take you on a whirlwind review of the worlds I toured this last year, let’s turn our own all-seeing orbs to that cluster of planets designed for younger tourists, especially of the teen variety, though some are designed for those a little younger. Oh, ma’am! Don’t turn to go! Don’t you know? Older folk love touring these worlds! Haven’t you ever visited the Disney galaxy since you left your school days behind? Far, far behind by the deepness of your wrinkles and the sternness of your frown? Yes! You, too, may enjoy these little slices of other worlds! Continue reading “A Tour of Worlds 2018 — Younger Worlds”