A Year of Books 2019 — The Best of the Year

The time has come.

Every year about this time, my Bride and I assess.. the BOOKSHELF OF DOOM!

Actually, it’s not very doom-y. It’s this bookshelf that sits next to our bed. The goal every year is to fill it with what we read. Finish a book? It goes on the shelf!

(Other than my professional reading for the ministry… those reviews go up every week over on my other blog.)

And now… it’s time to look at what we’ve read! I’m starting with what I consider the best of the year. These are the books that touched me the most. That doesn’t mean that everything else I read this year is bad. It also doesn’t mean that these are the books that will win the most awards. They’re the books that held my attention best and made me go, “Hm.”

These aren’t in any particular order, so don’t read into that at all. It’s just, as I said, the best of what I read this particular year.

Without further ado… Continue reading “A Year of Books 2019 — The Best of the Year”

Worlds Worth Revisiting

Back again, kid? My freakshow is the best in all the land. It’s worth a second look, and you of discerning taste already now that! Again I will show you a woman who writes stories with the back of her head! A snake who only eats the tails of other snakes, and never its own! A blanket made of the souls of righteous men!

…but you liked them so much last time you visited!

…you want something more of the same, but different?

Look, kid, this ain’t a sequel. You either get the same world, down to the last syllable, or you can pick a different tent on the Midway to explore.

Sheesh. These kids, so demanding these days! They’ll rip through the world you give, and demand another world. They want to know what happens next! But you better watch out! They want different, but not too different!

Sir, you have refined tastes, as do you, madame. What do you look for if you revisit a world? Continue reading “Worlds Worth Revisiting”

A Tour of Worlds 2018 — Younger Worlds

Worlds for every purpose and audience! Earths designed to entice and entrance any eye! And here, as I take you on a whirlwind review of the worlds I toured this last year, let’s turn our own all-seeing orbs to that cluster of planets designed for younger tourists, especially of the teen variety, though some are designed for those a little younger. Oh, ma’am! Don’t turn to go! Don’t you know? Older folk love touring these worlds! Haven’t you ever visited the Disney galaxy since you left your school days behind? Far, far behind by the deepness of your wrinkles and the sternness of your frown? Yes! You, too, may enjoy these little slices of other worlds! Continue reading “A Tour of Worlds 2018 — Younger Worlds”