A Year of Books 2019 — The Best of the Year

The time has come. Every year about this time, my Bride and I assess.. the BOOKSHELF OF DOOM! Actually, it’s not very doom-y. It’s this bookshelf that sits next to our bed. The goal every year is to fill it with what we read. Finish a book? It goes on the shelf! (Other than myContinue reading “A Year of Books 2019 — The Best of the Year”

We’re outthrusting what now?

So, here I am, reading Planet of the Apes by Pierre Boulle, a novel about some astronauts visiting another planet on the far side of the galaxy. While there, they encounter humans that are animalistic. They wear no clothing, just as animals here wear no clothing. OK, so far pretty logical. The main characters meetContinue reading “We’re outthrusting what now?”