The Martian Author continues his reign of terror and bibliophilia…

Welcome back! I still have H. K. Devonshire tied up — I mean, we’re still chatting over coffee. Also, Martian coffee is something else. You should try it sometime.

So, let’s talk about how you create worlds with your words. What’s a typical day look like for you?

Probably not all that different than yours, to be honest. I get up a bit before sunrise and have a cup of coffee while watching the morning break over the crater rim. I check water reclamation and supply for both the ranch and the cattle, then shower. After I’m dressed, it’s a once-over for O2 levels in the dome, then if there hasn’t been a seepage, I’ll have breakfast. Steak and beans is my normal fare, though sometimes just cereal. Finally, after making sure the surface suits have all passed diagnostics and are filled, I go into the puterverse and finish up the morning chores there and check on the news around the system. I get off in about an hour, have another cup of coffee, then start my day. If it’s a writin’ day, I spend it at my desk. I use an external interface so I don’t get distracted. If it’s a research day, I go back into the puterverse. If it’s a ranch day, I suit up and help the hands with the cattle and range. The B&H is a small place – just the crater, three hands, and a couple hundred head of cattle – so I’m not needed much. But I like to get my gloves dirty, so I pitch in, time to time.

After lunch is writin’ time, even if it’s already been a writin’ day. I try to get six hours in on non-writin’ days, and ten on writin’ days. I finish up around dinner an’ we have the family meal. Final checks on atmo, water, commlinks, and make sure suits are chargin’, then off to bed!

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The Martian Author

Come one, come all! I have a chronicle here that will be beyond your wildest dreams! Well, maybe not beyond yours, kid. You look like you have some pretty fierce imaginings. But for MOST people, it will be beyond your wildest dreams!

You see, I collect authors. Well, not their bodies. Normally. You have to pay extra to see those. But I love collecting the odd book that’s not well-known or perhaps the author is unique.

And in a recent author-hunting expedition, I found myself on the Red Planet itself!

Kid, you already paid for your ticket. You can’t have it back.

I encountered the famous H. K. Devonshire! Who, you may ask? Well, why not have him tell you himself! He consented to an interview once I freed him from my devious trap. Devious? Did I say devious? I meant we sat down to coffee. Really. Continue reading “The Martian Author”

A Tour of Worlds 2018: Worlds Crafted by Friends

Ah, my festive friends! Yes, yes, my account of the tour of the cosmos from this past year is nearly complete! But I flew some friendly skies and visited worlds crafted by friends, and I wanted to spotlight them a little more than I have some others. You see, when you know the craftsman or woman or aardvark who put together an earth for your merriment, you hold it closer to your heart. Or if you’re heartless, closer to your spleen. Spleens are the center of heartless people, you see.

Well, shall we begin the tour?


Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, observe the penetrating Peter Prellwitz! His name may be alliterative, but don’t let that throw you off your guard! This author is a raging bull with the written word, tossing situations hither and yon and creating worlds that last for thousands of years!

See with all its brilliance Horizons, where humans have started reaching for the stars! Interstellar travel is right around the corner – but someone wants to stop it! What devilry comes about? And will Captain Pamela Carlson figure it out? The world is gritty and reminds me of all the best ways of Firefly and the Millennium Falcon. Persistent Prellwitz fits nearly all his stories into the same world, and this tour was probably my favorite of them.

Then I toured much later in that word’s existence with The Science of Magic. Can you imagine it, sir, if humans could use code to rewrite reality? What if it was only a few could? What would happen? Can you feel the terror grip your heart? Or would you welcome those who could rewrite you? Oh, I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with you sir, I’m sure they wouldn’t rewrite you! This particular tour told several short stories about the first people able to code reality, and I wish I could have spent more time with all of them. But if that’s the worst part of a tour, well, it certainly can’t be all bad, can it?

Finally, practical Prellwitz took me to a different world, where The Angel of St. Thomas protects her island in the Caribbean – one every generation! She’s invited to join the premier superhero team in that world, but she declines – she has her hands full on this island. But what happens when the superheroes don’t accept her no? I reveled in some very unique situations I met in that tour, and I think you will as well. Plus, this tour is appropriate for children! Look, even you could go on this tour, and you’re only as tall as my knee! Well, perhaps a bit taller. Perhaps.


The next world I visited took me on a tour about tourists, of a sort. If you could tour somewhere, anywhere, in time – would you go? Elise’s job is to find tourists who refuse to return to the present. But, as you might expect, things go wrong. Wise Wendy Nikel wrote The Continuum, and a second book in the series has just come out. My biggest complaint is that the tour was far too short! This tour took me to the Titanic, which made me groan. How many times must we return to the unsinkable ship? But nice Ms. Nikel did put a different twist on it, making this world shine just right. I encourage you to tour this one as well!


I have never met canny Christopher Yokel, but the world he takes me to in The Lay of the Lord gripped me and would not let me go, much as the voice of a man with a tall, tall hat can’t be ignored, but so much more! When I take off my tall, tall hat and leave the Midway behind I serve as a pastor, and I’ve written a full review here for your liking. I won’t even charge you two extra bits! But here is the epic struggle of Jesus told in epic poetry that will leave you breathless! Go, my fine fellows, and read on!


And thus concludes my account of the worlds I toured this last year. And now, go to your varied homes and beds and tubs and wherever you prefer to sleep. Dream of worlds other than this ones; worlds horrifying and exhilarating and appetizing. Thank you for joining me on this tour of tours. Next year I shall repeat the process, but until then, we have many ways to talk about the writing of worlds. So… venture forth! 

Tour of Worlds 2018 — Adult Worlds of Wonder

Children, step away! You must be this many years old to ride the tours of these worlds! They’re aimed at adults. Boring, scheduled, gray adults! You see, adults need a little extra zip when they visit another world just to get over their bland lives and have a smidgen of excitement. But you see, that’s why I’m here! The carnies of the Midway are here to bridge the gap, so adults can act like kids and kids can display the wisdom they haven’t forgotten quite yet!

But today! This last year I toured many worlds, and some of them were adult in nature!

No, ma’am, fear not! You need not faint away! No, you do not have the vapors! Does this look like the deep south? Why, it’s merely a blog pretending to be a Midway attraction! So can it, lady! These are just books aimed at adults, and if you’re an adult, you can handle these!

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