Year of Books 2021: The Best!

Time to clean off the shelf. Every year, I set aside every book I read on a shelf near the bed. At the end of the year, I evaluate what I’ve read before shelving the books in our permanent collection (or donate or sell or…). My year runs from July 4 to July 3. So…Continue reading “Year of Books 2021: The Best!”

A Year of Books 2019 — Ships of Sea and Sky

I like boats. Maybe it was the heavy-handed Star Trek novels I read when I was young that constantly talked about the love between a captain and his ship, but… give me a starship or a tall-masted man o’ war, and I’m hooked. And I read some of those books this year! In today’s list,Continue reading “A Year of Books 2019 — Ships of Sea and Sky”

A Rebellion Lacking Aliens

Star Wars theory time! Ever notice how the Empire was mostly made of humans? In the old Expanded Universe of novels, it was written in that the Empire was anti-alien, making it very difficult for any non-humans to rise in the ranks. However, if we’re honest – even though there’s a higher percentage of non-humansContinue reading “A Rebellion Lacking Aliens”