Year of Books 2020: The Rest

I didn’t just read the best books of 2020. I read a lot of other things, too! Many of these were still good, just not the best of the year. Others… weren’t the best.

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Not a Writing Vacation

So I didn’t write a single word on vacation.

I’d like a writing vacation, where the goal is to just… write. But for the last two weeks I have written nada.

It was not a useless vacation in the least. I got to visit my wife’s great-grandfather on his hundredth birthday. I got to visit a mountain summit. I got to see the wonders of the Arizona desert. (Well, some of them, at least.)

The nice thing about visiting a place very different from where I’m living is that it got the creative juices flowing in new directions. Wandering through a saguaro forest clicked off a very different world in my head. Standing on top of the summit of a mountain changes a person if they’re not used to it. (And I grew up in eastern North Dakota. We don’t have mountains there.) Continue reading “Not a Writing Vacation”