A Year of Books 2021: Rounding Out a Great Year

There are yet more books that I read this year! This rounds out all the novels I read. Some were very good! A few were decent. Thankfully, I didn’t read any bad books this year! Miracles happen! (And in different news, I’m doing some renovations on the website. If things look different, no, it’s notContinue reading “A Year of Books 2021: Rounding Out a Great Year”

A Tour of Worlds 2018 — Younger Worlds

Worlds for every purpose and audience! Earths designed to entice and entrance any eye! And here, as I take you on a whirlwind review of the worlds I toured this last year, let’s turn our own all-seeing orbs to that cluster of planets designed for younger tourists, especially of the teen variety, though some areContinue reading “A Tour of Worlds 2018 — Younger Worlds”