Surviving Daybreak

You want to write? Read. But don’t just read. Think about what you’re reading. What works? What doesn’t? What connects with you, personally? What plot points annoy you, and what others thrill you? Does the plot work? What about the setting intrigues you? What characters do you want to spend more time with? Taking timeContinue reading “Surviving Daybreak”

Year of Books 2021: The Best!

Time to clean off the shelf. Every year, I set aside every book I read on a shelf near the bed. At the end of the year, I evaluate what I’ve read before shelving the books in our permanent collection (or donate or sell or…). My year runs from July 4 to July 3. So…Continue reading “Year of Books 2021: The Best!”

Old-Time Books

This may surprise some of you, but I like books. A lot. There’s just something about holding a book as an artifact, whether it’s a pocket paperback or a massive hardcover tome, that brings my mind to different worlds, different journeys. And if like me, you like books, that means it’s good to support theContinue reading “Old-Time Books”