Depression Doesn’t Help

It started out so well. Book six. I knew the characters. I knew the situation. I had the conclusion outlined. On the first day of drafting, I wrote nearly six thousand words. I decided I would aim to write five thousand words a day. I kept to that goal for five days straight. That meansContinue reading “Depression Doesn’t Help”

When Words Won’t Come

I’ve got a blank page. It’s supposed to have words. Lots of words, in fact. I’m supposed to be almost halfway into the rough draft of my next novel, but I’ve not typed a single word. Granted, the soonest this book would be out is February 2024. My editor won’t get to it until OctoberContinue reading “When Words Won’t Come”

You’re Not Allowed to Celebrate

Depression doesn’t care that you have a new book coming out. It doesn’t care about the now-long list of publications you have or the plans you’ve got for 2022. It laughs when you say it’s time to get to work. Depression has its own goals. I’ve written before how depression doesn’t create art. And itContinue reading “You’re Not Allowed to Celebrate”

Depression Doesn’t Make Art

All the great artists were messed up. Picasso fell into a huge depression, and look at what he produced. Just imagine, if he had medication, how much art we would have missed out on. … Okay, if someone says that to you, deck them. Maybe not deck them. At least not physically. But tell them:Continue reading “Depression Doesn’t Make Art”