Well, that didn’t last long…

Every month, I said. Every month I’d draft a piece of fiction. That’s what I pledged to do in 2023. Well, January’s about done. … Sigh. So, I had two projects to complete for writing this month. I was going to outline the next six-book series.(No, no spoilers yet!) I’ve… kind of done that. ItContinue reading “Well, that didn’t last long…”

The Empty Cup

November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. Around the States, and even around the world, people are pounding away at their keyboards to draft a full novel in only thirty days. I’ve been writing a novel a month for over a year, but I thought… hey, why not use November as an excuse toContinue reading “The Empty Cup”

Depression Doesn’t Help

It started out so well. Book six. I knew the characters. I knew the situation. I had the conclusion outlined. On the first day of drafting, I wrote nearly six thousand words. I decided I would aim to write five thousand words a day. I kept to that goal for five days straight. That meansContinue reading “Depression Doesn’t Help”