A Rebellion Lacking Aliens

Star Wars theory time!

Ever notice how the Empire was mostly made of humans? In the old Expanded Universe of novels, it was written in that the Empire was anti-alien, making it very difficult for any non-humans to rise in the ranks. However, if we’re honest – even though there’s a higher percentage of non-humans in the Rebellion, there’s still a lot more humans, aren’t there?

I think I know why.

So, I’m proposing an in-universe solution to this; I know that in real life, making aliens is difficult for CG or makeup or whatever. That’s fairly simple. But what story reason could we offer for this?

We know that in the Star Wars universe, humans have a short life span compared to many alien races. Yoda lived 900 years. Chewbacca was alive during Episode III. Hutts live a fairly long time.

Luke Skywalker was born as the Old Republic fell and the Empire was born. He was 18 when he blew up the first Death Star. How much time passes between then and Return of the Jedi? A few years, but not many. And how many years between Jedi and Force Awakens? About 30.

Do the math: Within 50 years, the Old Republic falls, the Empire rises and falls, the New Republic rises and falls, and the First Order rises (and likely falls).

I imagine it would be hard for most long-lived alien species to get overly excited about a new human government. “Oh, did the Empire fall? It must be Tuesday.” And they roll their eyes again at those flighty humans. Fifty years ain’t much time when you live to 900!

And that’s the real reason you don’t see a lot of aliens in the Empire. The aliens know: It’s a human-run organization. It’ll be gone before their kids go to kindergarten. That’s why some aliens join the Rebellion: It’s kind of a fun thing, but really, it’s more of a hobby than anything. It doesn’t take that much commitment.

Unless you’re a Bothan spy. Then you might die to bring some plans to Mon Mothma.

So, what do you think? How do the long-lived races of the Star Wars universe view this period of pretty intense upheaval?

Or am I just spending too much time thinking about Star Wars?

Star Wars 2
Look, I have salads in my fridge longer than your governmental systems! Photo by Jim Tegman on Unsplash

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