Dragons of the Ashfall

It wasn’t always a novel. Once it was a short story. One of the first that was published that bore my name. It premiered in Wings of Change. Its title: “A Dragon Bigger than My Stories.” It was about a girl in a clockwork city. She was ground down. She longed for solitude. And thenContinue reading “Dragons of the Ashfall”

Stay in Your Lane

There’s a bit of conventional wisdom I’ve ignored that may bite me. Yesterday, one of my new short stories debuted, “Miles to Go Before I Sleep.” You can go read it for free. You’ll find it a quiet science fiction story. I’ve got a few of those out, like “The Singularity Loves You.” It’s notContinue reading “Stay in Your Lane”

How long does this have to be?

“How long does this have to be?” Remember asking that in school? When you had to (ugh!) write out a full three sentences? Teachers were demanding too much! And then you get older, and you have to write papers. And they had to be two whole pages? Or five entire pages? You learned the tricks,Continue reading “How long does this have to be?”

We’re outthrusting what now?

So, here I am, reading Planet of the Apes by Pierre Boulle, a novel about some astronauts visiting another planet on the far side of the galaxy. While there, they encounter humans that are animalistic. They wear no clothing, just as animals here wear no clothing. OK, so far pretty logical. The main characters meetContinue reading “We’re outthrusting what now?”