Stay in Your Lane

There’s a bit of conventional wisdom I’ve ignored that may bite me. Yesterday, one of my new short stories debuted, “Miles to Go Before I Sleep.” You can go read it for free. You’ll find it a quiet science fiction story. I’ve got a few of those out, like “The Singularity Loves You.” It’s notContinue reading “Stay in Your Lane”

The Festival of Rejected Stories

The sign declared, “The Watering Whole.” The Prairie Mason wrinkled his nose. He hated people who couldn’t spell. Nevertheless, it was the first business on the edge of the wheat-filled plains he’d stepped from, and he was thirsty. He pushed through the swinging doors. As he stepped inside the dimly-lit room, the piano music stopped.Continue reading “The Festival of Rejected Stories”

The Stories You Eat

“The best way to get stories is just ask questions. People always love talking about themselves,” Carina told her daughters. Annie wrinkled her nose. “Can we just eat? I’m hungry!” Carina grinned at her children. Tella wore her pixie cut and black tank top like the trying-to-be-edgy young teen she was. Angie, the younger blondContinue reading “The Stories You Eat”