I don’t want to be an author anymore.

When I was young, I wanted to write books. I wanted to be an author. The word was almost magical. Imagine, someday having a book with my name on it. Oh, that would be a dream come true! And I gotta tell you… it is. I currently have five novels on the market, and plentyContinue reading “I don’t want to be an author anymore.”

Fire and Frostburn

TODAY book 3 of Madelyn of the Sky is available! Check out Fire and Frostburn! What could be worse than a dragon? Madelyn has always greeted her adventures with sword, stone, and smile. This time is different, though. She doesn’t need to fight Prince Aralane. She needs to impress him. His kingdom borders her floatingContinue reading “Fire and Frostburn”

Skyships and Swords: Available Now!

Pirates plus magic equals trouble! Madelyn can face any threat with her cutlass, her magic, and a grin. Her people are safe on her floating Island in the sky. Until pirates attack. Fae skyships swoop down. Pirates raid the Island. They search for Madelyn of the Sky. If they were “just” pirates, Madelyn wouldn’t evenContinue reading “Skyships and Swords: Available Now!”

Brain Not Braining

I’m supposed to be writing. Like, I have an outline. I have a contract even. I know the characters. So why aren’t the words coming? For the last year, I’ve written middle grade fiction. It started with Madelyn of the Sky and its assorted associated short stories. (Those short stories will be collected, likely inContinue reading “Brain Not Braining”