Publish? Perish?

The Keeper of Tales came out over three months ago now. I’m pretty proud of it. But something interesting has happened… sales have dropped off. It’s not getting all that much attention, as far as I can tell. Now that’s not uncommon in the least. Most books make their best sales within the first monthContinue reading “Publish? Perish?”

I Have a Problem

On December 1, 2021, my new novel Dragons of the Ashfall will be released from Dark Owl Publishing! Orphans never have easy lives, but they’re especially brutal in the ashfall. Londinium grinds children down to nothing in its factories. Patty Rinkin, a rare grindery girl with a last name, just wants to survive. Then dragonsContinue reading “I Have a Problem”

I’ve heard it all before.

Sometimes I feel this way when it comes to writing. I’ll sit down at the keyboard… and everything is just so derivative. Like, this is just Hamlet with lions. That’ll never sell. Oh, wait. That’s Lion King. See, so often writers can get hung up on originality. And it’s true; you don’t want to copyContinue reading “I’ve heard it all before.”

We don’t need those fifty pages!

We encamped that night at Garion Danwsbrook. And so began the saga that would become The Keeper of Tales. I mentioned a few weeks ago that what I first wrote evolved quite a bit through revisions. In fact, the first fifty pages are simply gone in what you’ll have the opportunity to read starting MarchContinue reading “We don’t need those fifty pages!”

Reading the Work in Progress… Again

Before a novel comes out to meet the public, it has to work out a lot. And I mean, a lot. So, there’s this book of mine coming out May 1. I wrote the novel. I revised it. I destroyed it. I polished it. And then I sent it in to a publisher! And loContinue reading “Reading the Work in Progress… Again”