Dawnsbrook is Here

Be bold. Be daring. Be fierce. Be kind. Be true. Change your world. Dawnsbrook Press publishes books full of adventure, wonder, and characters who change their world for the better. Our books seek to inspire middle-grade readers to dream big and do more. And while the books are aimed at middle-grade readers, we know howContinue reading “Dawnsbrook is Here”

Dragons of the Ashfall: FREE Prequel and Chapter One

December 1, 2021, you can order Dragons of the Ashfall for digital or paperback from Amazon. Before then, you can read the prequel “A Dragon Bigger than My Stories” for free here. And to see if Dragons of the Ashfall is your type of story… read the first chapter for free, right here: Chapter OneContinue reading “Dragons of the Ashfall: FREE Prequel and Chapter One”

Choose… Wisely.

My Bride is a dangerous woman. Every year, she picks a theme for how she’s going to select the books she’s going to read. One year, she asked friends for recommendations and only read things they recommended. Last year, she only read books we already owned but neither of us had read before. Last year,Continue reading “Choose… Wisely.”