Why You’re Having a Hard Time Writing

I’m a little sore. I’m working some muscles I’ve let get a little… soft. Wobbly. Gelatinous, even.

Today I sat down to outline a novella. In the course of an hour and a half, I only got 1100 words written. Simply put, that’s not enough.

Maybe you look at that number and you’re impressed. Well, cool! I guess I can be impressive. However, to reach my writing goals, I need to be writing far faster. We all have different goals. Know your skills and set your goals accordingly. For me, if I’m going to complete the novella in my projected timeline, I need to write more words per hour. I can only dedicate an hour on a typical day, which means I need to pack that hour with the most words possible.

So what happened? Why didn’t I write as much as I feel I should have? Did my laptop decide to update to Windows 3.1415? Did my children spontaneously combust again? Did I leave the Star Trek marathon on in the background?

None of the above.

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TWO New Stories Available Today!

Cowboys and carnosaurs. Stetsons and stegosaurs. Deputies and dinosaurs. That’s right, folks. What would make the wild west wilder? Dinosaurs. Follow the Sheriff of Golconda as he deals with raptor gangs, triceratops thieves, and a galloping gallimimus or two. Welcome to a Wilder Wild West. Co-created and co-written with Nathaniel J. Peters.

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Doc’s experiment went wild and destroyed his orbiting space station… again. But when he and his assistant Brunt are rescued by a mysterious utopia floating on the edge of space, they know there’s something more going on! Join the adventure as the Doc, passionate for science, and Brunt, his long-suffering assistant, discover the terrible secret of the floating city and topple its nefarious master!

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Why It’s Good to Read, but Necessary to Write

The last month has been all over. I attended a major conference, learning the history of Jerusalem that will help my role as a pastor. I visited both my and my wife’s families. My bride and I got away without our insanity of kids. As such, my regular writing schedule has suffered. As in, I’ve done basically no writing for a month, nor any writing-related activities like submitting stories to markets and such.

That said, I’ve found time to be reading. Oh, it was so good to dig into a number of novels. Some fantasy, some horror, a short story collection, all good reads. I lost myself in worlds I didn’t create.

This time of creative rest rejuvenated me. Rather than putting words on a page, I absorbed words from a page. I got to admire the craft others had worked to develop.

But now I’m home. Life is returning to what I laughingly call normal.

On the way home, I felt my brain shift. My wife and I mapped out a broad outline and started worldbuilding for a new series. (Obviously I need another project!) While away, I was all about reading. But now, now it was time to get back to writing.

Reading is good. Brains need to be fed. If you’re a writer, you really do need to read.

But you know what?

You’re not a writer if you don’t write.

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Troublemaker, Storyteller

Today my story, “Troublemaker, Storyteller” is live at Mythaxis — and you can read for free! Here’s what Mythaxis says about the story:

‘Stories about writers’ are a hard sell at Mythaxis, but ‘stories about storytellers’ isn’t exactly the same thing. Jonathon Mast’s tale touches on timely themes of female oppression and the struggle against patriarchal corruption, starting with a classic (even classical) damsel-in-distress scenario before the old forms begin to shed their skins — and the power that comes from crafting new narratives is at the heart of it all.

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Something Wicked This Way Rides

When the mayor literally gambles away the town to the devil, how do you get it back? Well, lay down some wagers of your own…

On the trail, some things aren’t quite what they seem. What terrifies a hard of cattle might mean your death…

These two by yours truly, and twenty-eight more stunning tales of western strangeness now available in Something Wicked This Way Rides. Check it out!