Why I Belong in the Museum of Failure

I’m a failure.

“But Jon, you’ve come so far!” you say.

Sure. Check out my works published tab. I’ve got one novel out, one on the way in December. Lots of short stories in various places, and more coming out.

“How could you say you’re a failure?”

Easy. Do you have any idea how many rejections I’ve received? I have a document 72 pages long that list what stories I’ve submitted to various markets. Compared to how many times I’ve been published? Pfft. I’ve faced far, far more rejection.

A failure is someone or something that doesn’t succeed. And all those rejections? They tell me that I’ve not succeeded.

And that tells me I belong in the Museum of Failure.

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A Year of Books 2021: Rounding Out a Great Year

There are yet more books that I read this year! This rounds out all the novels I read. Some were very good! A few were decent. Thankfully, I didn’t read any bad books this year! Miracles happen!

(And in different news, I’m doing some renovations on the website. If things look different, no, it’s not another Mandela effect you need to worry about. You’ve not slipped into an alternate reality this time. It really was different before.)

Without further ado…

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A Year of Books 2021: Unobjective Assessments

This next set of books is difficult for me to judge. See, I’ve got connections to them.

Sometimes the author is a friend. That means I want to support the book no matter what. The positive is, my friends are awesome writers! But it’s also hard to be objective.

Some of these I backed on Kickstarter. That means I’m susceptible to the sunk cost fallacy. In this case, basically, because I backed something, I want to like it, whether or not it’s actually any good.

And finally, my son forced me to read a book he loved. Like, seriously. He can be very forceful.

So what do I do?

Well, I lumped all the books together. I’m going to attempt to be objective in these mini-reviews, but I also want to be transparent!

Once again, these books come in no particular order!

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Year of Books 2021: The Best!

Time to clean off the shelf.

Every year, I set aside every book I read on a shelf near the bed. At the end of the year, I evaluate what I’ve read before shelving the books in our permanent collection (or donate or sell or…). My year runs from July 4 to July 3. So… it’s time!

In this post I’m going to write brief reviews of the top ten books or series I read this year. They won’t be in any order; they’re just the ten I enjoyed the most. I read quite a few comics, but I won’t be addressing those today.

I’d like to prevent this from turning into a food blog with endless preface, so… let’s get to it!

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