A Year of Books 2019: …And the Rest!

Sometimes you read a book that doesn’t “fit in” with the rest of what you read. So, um, these are the books I read that didn’t “fit in” someplace else. Yeah. ***

Not a Writing Vacation

So I didn’t write a single word on vacation. I’d like a writing vacation, where the goal is to just… write. But for the last two weeks I have written nada. It was not a useless vacation in the least. I got to visit my wife’s great-grandfather on his hundredth birthday. I got to visitContinue reading “Not a Writing Vacation”

The Cure for the Rejection Blues

“That story was so good!” The kid has no idea what he’s saying. He has no idea how much it means to me. He’s one of my son’s classmates. He’s helping out at the school’s end-of-year carnival, and we’re chatting as I wait for my daughter to attempt to drop a teacher into the dunktank.Continue reading “The Cure for the Rejection Blues”

I am so not the expert here.

Did you see? I got interviewed! It was a lot of fun, and Anne is a wonderful person. You really should check out her blog; I learn a lot from her write-ups about World War Two and a bunch of cultural stuff that happened around it. But here’s the funny thing: I’m being interviewed likeContinue reading “I am so not the expert here.”

EEEEEEEEEE, or Published and Rejected

So this past Thursday a certain book was released that I happen to have a story in. I’m very proud of this story. This coming June, another book will be printed that has one of my stories in it. This past Tuesday I got another rejection. Ah, living the dream! I’ve been reading the otherContinue reading “EEEEEEEEEE, or Published and Rejected”