Using Slang to Spice Up a World

Oi! You gonna shilly-shally here, you tuft-hunter? Well, don’t be kicksy! Pull up a chair and let’s voker, shall we? Right. So, my forthcoming novel, Dragons of the Ashfall, takes place in Londinium, an imaginary steampunk city. And when you’re in a steampunk setting, your characters should talk that way. If they speak like 21stContinue reading “Using Slang to Spice Up a World”

I am so not the expert here.

Did you see? I got interviewed! It was a lot of fun, and Anne is a wonderful person. You really should check out her blog; I learn a lot from her write-ups about World War Two and a bunch of cultural stuff that happened around it. But here’s the funny thing: I’m being interviewed likeContinue reading “I am so not the expert here.”