A Year of Books 2019: …And the Rest!

Sometimes you read a book that doesn’t “fit in” with the rest of what you read. So, um, these are the books I read that didn’t “fit in” someplace else. Yeah. ***

A Tour of Worlds 2018 — Worlds Without Wonder

Come closer. I have a secret to tell. Yes, you must come closer if you want to know this stunning secret that will shatter your cerebellum! What could be so dangerous? There’s more to the worlds than science fiction and fantasy. I know! Does it shock you? It shocked me! On occasion I adventure outContinue reading “A Tour of Worlds 2018 — Worlds Without Wonder”

A Tour of Worlds 2018 — the Dregs of the Galaxy

Not every world is worth a visit, is it? Each one of you has been fleeced by a flim-flam fraud! But I shan’t do that! Instead, I shall now warn you of the worlds that may not be worth your time! Yes, I admit it! Not every earth is worth a gander! My friends, youContinue reading “A Tour of Worlds 2018 — the Dregs of the Galaxy”