Ever try lifting a glass to get the last chunk of shake to slide into your gob, and it just won’t dislodge from the bottom of the cup? And so you shake the cup, hoping for a delicious bite of ice cream and chocolate goodness. Nothing happens. You shake the cup again.

And then an avalanche of all that is delicious in the world smashes you in the face and yes it is in your mouth and up your nose and streaming from your eyes and it’s so good but now you can’t breathe and then your family is laughing at you and

OK, maybe that was a little more than you needed to know about my childhood.

But I bet you can identify with that whole big chunk o’ goodness smashing into your face. Maybe it wasn’t a shake for you. Maybe it was a smoothie. Maybe it was curry. I don’t know how curry works. We don’t have it often here.

Anyway, my publishing has sort of taken on that aspect in the last couple weeks.

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