Your Feelings Don’t Matter

Should you only write when you feel like it? Should you await your muse to bring you inspiration from on high? Should you grind every day and force words out of the stone of your heart until you bleed ink? Um… no. Also, if your heart bleeds ink, you should probably get that checked out.Continue reading “Your Feelings Don’t Matter”

Our Five Year Mission…

Last night I sat down for a planning session with my business manager/ wife. We decided to do some long-range goal-setting. Where do we want Dawnsbrook to be in five years? Whoa. So, we’d already talked about all the various plans. We knew we were planning to do a six-book series a year until/unless itContinue reading “Our Five Year Mission…”

Skyships and Swords: Available Now!

Pirates plus magic equals trouble! Madelyn can face any threat with her cutlass, her magic, and a grin. Her people are safe on her floating Island in the sky. Until pirates attack. Fae skyships swoop down. Pirates raid the Island. They search for Madelyn of the Sky. If they were “just” pirates, Madelyn wouldn’t evenContinue reading “Skyships and Swords: Available Now!”

Brain Not Braining

I’m supposed to be writing. Like, I have an outline. I have a contract even. I know the characters. So why aren’t the words coming? For the last year, I’ve written middle grade fiction. It started with Madelyn of the Sky and its assorted associated short stories. (Those short stories will be collected, likely inContinue reading “Brain Not Braining”