Boundaries for Writers and Their Families

“Do you need to leave the room to get writing done?” my wife asks, concerned. We’re currently sitting in a hotel room. Three of the kids are on their laptops at school meets. The baby is staring at my wife’s phone so she doesn’t disturb the others at school. I’m trying to get a little work done while everyone else is busy. My wife is concerned that I might be distracted.

Nah. I should be good. Everyone else is distracted right now, and I’m just going to quick type out a blog post. It requires concentration, but not the same level as creating worlds out of words.

So I open up the word processor to get to work. And then she sits down and starts talking at me.

None of it is bad, and all of it is stuff that we should really iron out before we have to leave the hotel for the day. But it’s also stuff that can wait a few minutes, and she was all good with me writing.

She just now leaned over and asked me to feel the cup her coffee is in. It’s made of recyclable paper.

And now I’m back to typing.

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