Thanksgiving ain’t over!

Yeah yeah yeah it’s not Thanksgiving anymore blah blah blah Don’t care. You know what? It’s good to show gratitude any day of the year, not just on a day that many Americans gorge themselves on the flesh of the enemy. (If you don’t take time to remember the Great Turkey War of 1773, you’reContinue reading “Thanksgiving ain’t over!”

I’m Never Reading Again

I can’t read books anymore. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’m currently reading Love, Lies & Hocus Pocus book 2 by Lydia Sherrer and enjoying it. Before that I ripped through a beta read for a friend that I enjoyed. (I tend not to rip through books I don’t enjoy.) Before that I read SpaceContinue reading “I’m Never Reading Again”

Choose… Wisely.

My Bride is a dangerous woman. Every year, she picks a theme for how she’s going to select the books she’s going to read. One year, she asked friends for recommendations and only read things they recommended. Last year, she only read books we already owned but neither of us had read before. Last year,Continue reading “Choose… Wisely.”

A Year of Books 2019: …And the Rest!

Sometimes you read a book that doesn’t “fit in” with the rest of what you read. So, um, these are the books I read that didn’t “fit in” someplace else. Yeah. ***

The Library Adoption Agency

Today we bought 150 books. We’re not keeping any. A few years ago, a friend became a new teacher at a school that didn’t have any books in the classroom library. We adopted the classroom and ended up donating something like 300 books. From there, we adopted an entire school library, and then a specialContinue reading “The Library Adoption Agency”