EEEEEEEEEE, or Published and Rejected

So this past Thursday a certain book was released that I happen to have a story in. I’m very proud of this story. This coming June, another book will be printed that has one of my stories in it. This past Tuesday I got another rejection. Ah, living the dream! I’ve been reading the otherContinue reading “EEEEEEEEEE, or Published and Rejected”

Buying Worlds to Share

Today we purchased almost 100 worlds. You might call them books, but come on. Every single one opens up a new world to us. But we’re not keeping them. We’re giving them away. (Well, most of them, anyway.) Friday morning we entered a house of worlds. If you look for it online, you’ll find itContinue reading “Buying Worlds to Share”

Itty Bitty Writing Space

My short story, “No Star to Guide Us” appears in Itty Bitty Writing Space, an anthology of 100 pieces of flash fiction! It’s got 100 authors, a bunch of genres, from a bunch of nations around the world. If you like bite-size fiction, check this out! It’s being funded as a Kickstarter that has just goneContinue reading “Itty Bitty Writing Space”

The Gravity of a Bookshelf

Introvert problems. Also book-lover problems. As I’m writing this, I’m visiting my aunt and uncle and their kids (my cousins) for Thanksgiving revelry. We all have family that we experience… difficulty enjoying time with, but I love spending time with this part of my family in particular. We have a lot of common interests andContinue reading “The Gravity of a Bookshelf”

Literary Gifts to be Thankful For

Did you notice that Thanksgiving is right around the corner? Loosen your belts! Well, I want to be thankful, but here I want to narrow my scope of thankfulness to literary connections. In no particular order, here’s ten things I’m thankful for connected to my abilities as a writer The Bible – lots of trueContinue reading “Literary Gifts to be Thankful For”