Publish or Perish

Publish or perish. When you work in the academic world, thou shalt publish paper after paper to prove that thou art worthy of thine position. It’s not just the academic world, though. When I was younger, I thought Stephen King was slightly insane. Most people I read, like Robert Jordan, produced maybe a novel aContinue reading “Publish or Perish”

TWO New Stories Available Today!

Cowboys and carnosaurs. Stetsons and stegosaurs. Deputies and dinosaurs. That’s right, folks. What would make the wild west wilder? Dinosaurs. Follow the Sheriff of Golconda as he deals with raptor gangs, triceratops thieves, and a galloping gallimimus or two. Welcome to a Wilder Wild West. Co-created and co-written with Nathaniel J. Peters. Read Dinos ofContinue reading “TWO New Stories Available Today!”

Pulps are Back!

Someday this summer, Amazon will unveil Vella, a new method of reading Amazon stories. Readers can read the first three episodes of any story for free, and then pay per episode after. Each episode is designed to be a short bite of each story, between 500 and 5000 words. That breaks down to between aContinue reading “Pulps are Back!”

A New Platform…?

Amazon is debuting a new program: Vella. It’s not yet open to readers. Instead, Amazon is focusing on writers so there’s product there for readers to, you know, read when the program opens up. If you didn’t click the link, the basic idea is that on Vella, authors will post episodic fiction. Each episode willContinue reading “A New Platform…?”