The Least of Men

What happens when what is right and what is honorable clash?

Prince Badani longs to become a great man, a man of honor, a man who does right. In the desert sands of Parvia, as he trains under the wise, the cunning, and the warrior, Badani must learn for himself what it means to be a man. But he will need to learn quickly; the Patriarch of Lies is ready to strike.

Return to the world of the novel The Keeper of Tales with this stand-alone serial novel. Journey to a nation of honor and sword dancers and learn what it means to be the least of men. “The Least of Men” is available now on Kindle Vella.

Published by Jon

I'm a pastor in Wisconsin. Constantly writing, whether it be fiction or sermons or anything in between. Husband and father. Over all this, Christian, willing and joyful servant to good master Jesus.

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