Good Samaritan

Ah, no tours today! Well, no talking about tours. Instead, why not visit another world with me? Yes, actually leave the confines of the Midway and soar to another place! Dare you? Dare you come with me? Ah, but this world is not my own!

This is part of a larger world, termed “Bible A.D.” by its astounding creator, one Lydia Eberhardt. Why I, this very showman you see before you, knew her long ago. Well, not long ago. She’s not that old! (And neither am I. Stop laughing, kid.) But now she weaves worlds with words, casting spells across your imagination, and yes! You get to taste her newly-created earth right here! Yes, we on the Midway would never want you going away hungry or claiming we weren’t treating you fair! By my tall, tall hat, allow me to show you the superlative work of that alluring Lydia! 

You can visit her world yourself in Ruth A.D., and Esther A.D. But like a magnificent magician, she has not one world up her sleeve, but many! Check out Beast or Global Warning for more.

But now, step behind the curtain! Come, come! See what world this creator has conjured, savor its sweetness, and try for something a little old, a little borrowed, but brand new all at once…

Jane was late. She glanced at the clock on her dashboard as she increased her speed. “Molly’s going to be furious with me! I can’t be late for a fourth recital.” She turned on the wipers as the snow falling outside became heavier. “Not what I need right now.”

Suddenly the car began to slide as the wheels hit a patch of black ice. “No, no!” Jane turned the wheel, trying to stop the slide. The front tires gripped for a moment before the back end began to slide the other way. “Help me, Lord,” she whispered. She shut her eyes as the car tipped on its side and rolled into the ditch.


The snow was falling thickly as Father James drove slowly down the road. The final worship service of the evening had run long and he was glad to be heading home. Driving slowly to keep well behind the car ahead, he increased the speed of his wipers. He looked down at the radio, turned it on, and selected the weather station.

Looking back out the windshield, he frowned. Wait, where did the car go? There was a car in front of me, wasn’t there? Squinting, he thought he noticed some tracks in the snow that seemed to head towards the ditch.

Just then, his car began to slide. “Woah!” he cried out as he worked to keep his car on the road. “That was close!” He continued on his way without another thought about the tracks or the disappearing car.


Officer Bobby watched as the vehicle ahead slid and then caught itself and continued on its way. He reached for his radio. “Dispatch, this is Unit 132. Can you inform roadworks that there is a patch of ice that needs tending at westbound Marker 228?”

Unit 132, Dispatch. Will do. Anything else?”

No, that’s all. I’ll call back if I find any more patches.” Officer Bobby put away the radio and continued on his way.


The snow had begun to lessen as Faisal drove home after his shift at the hospital. The storm had caused the last hour of his shift to turn into four, so he was looking forward to home and his bed.

He slowed as a plow approached from the other direction. A car shot out from behind the plow and raced past it and back into the other lane.  Faisal braked and slid to a stop at the side of the road. “Crazy driver!” He shook his head. “It’s drivers like you that keep my ER filled with patients.”

Opening his door, he climbed out and walked to the side of his car to check his tires. “Wow, a few more inches and I’d have rolled into the ditch…wait. Where’s that light coming from?” He squinted as he looked down the hill and gasped. “Someone’s down there!”

He yanked open the back door and reached in to grab his emergency kit and a blanket. He snapped open a flare and threw it onto the road before sliding down the hill to the overturned car.

Crouching down at the driver’s side window, he quickly noted only one person trapped inside. He tapped loudly on the window. “Ma’am, can you hear me?” No response. He stood and grabbed the door handle. He sighed with relief when it opened.

He felt for a pulse. “Ma’am?” She moaned and her eyelids fluttered. With another sigh of relief, he continued. “Ma’am, I’m a doctor. I’m going to get you out of here. Can you tell me your name?”

Another moan. “Jane,” she whispered.

A shout from the road caught Faisal’s attention. He waved at the officer standing there before turning back to Jane. “Well, Jane, we are going to get you out of here and get you to the hospital. I’m going to take care of you. Everything’s going to be ok.

Lydia Eberhardt is an author and an educator. She lives in Washington with her husband.

Published by Jon

Jon lives in Kentucky with his wife and an insanity of children. (A group of children is called an insanity. Trust me.)

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