One Earth: Slightly Used

Course you’re not the only one buying worlds! Why, plenty of fancy, big-name people buy worlds! We’re all looking for a new one, after all! Why, look here, it’s the incorrigible Anne Clare, the Neat-O Naptime Author.

Yes, kid. Neat-O.

Get away from me, kid. You bother me.

Well, enough from me. Read the words of another satisfied customer who buys worlds! Or maybe one specific world. One that’s… slightly used. I’ll let Anne take it away.


Hey buddy, you look lost. What outfit are you with—you one of the new guys from the 36th?

Ah. Oh no. He got you too, huh?

Well, welcome. Settle in. Yeah, I know, it’s muddy. You’ll get used to it. Continue reading “One Earth: Slightly Used”